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Top 10 Underrated Castle moments

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  • The conversation between Kate and Alexis.
  • Handholding between Beckett and Castle in Target.
  • Wedding excitement shared between the boys and Kate.
  • Montgomery and the team sing “The Piano Man”.
  • Hilarious moment when Ryan hints about their relationship.
  • A precious hug during a stressful situation.
  • One of my favorite moments in ‘Veritas’.
  • Relieved hug in the library between Castle and Beckett.
  • Kissing the ‘boo-boo’.
  • "God, I love this goofball."

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How manipulative is Margaery? Is it all about playing the angles or is there like, some deep heart in there, too? What’s her motivation? (x)

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How bad is it gonna get for Emma? (x)(x)

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Have any of your cast members ever had a scene that you wish you could have performed yourself? (x)

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Nathan to Joss Whedon ‘Just in my expirence usually, if you have couple of weeks off. You make a movie………..with me’.

He is such a nerd.



Natalie Dormer on Women and Body Image in Hollywood during SDCC 2014 (x)

Queen Margaery Queen Natalie

The best thing about this panel is that is was before Marvel so all the fanboys had to listen or lose their seats.

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A Conversation with Joss Whedon and Mystery Panel. (x)